In Home Family Lifestyle Session || sweet little hands and baby toes

I pick silly. I pick laughter. I choose joy.

I love to capture laughter and connection, giggles and cuddles. Beautiful clothes and stunning scenery add to amazing photos. And, yes, I love it when everything comes together for a knock out photo. But I love this more.

Scrunched up faces.
Open mouth laughs.
Tiny little hands.

These fleeting little everyday moments that are gone in a blink.

This family so perfectly captured that tenuous moment of moving from a family of three to a family a four. It is taking your heart and splitting in two again for these two precious little people to carry it around in the world. It is feeling it grow bigger than you ever thought it could be as you watch these new little people cherish each other.

Moving from three to four can be loud, it can be crazy, it can be busy. It is also filled with these quiet moments. These shining star moments when the dust settles and we can take one brief second to breathe in this amazing experience.

I’ll be honest, there is some selfishness in lifestyle family photography. I get to peek into the joy and crazy and love of all these families. I get to stand back and see elements of my own family’s journey. To day I got to remember pieces of our move from a family of three to four.

I don’t know how it is for you, but in our family – time moves fast. So, so fast. Days are long and years are short – that is us. Maybe that is every family. Photography freezes time. It strips away the laundry piles, the noise, the day-to-day insanity of it all. It freezes those moments that feel like they will be there forever and slip away in an instant.

I was so honored to photography this lovely little family. The allowed me a peak into their everyday joy and love for one another and it is so beautiful.


Art Portraits with Miss M

Meet the amazing Miss M who did an artistic portrait session with me last week. The most important thing is that my kids absolutely adore her, so she is obviously a phenomenal human being.

Fall has been settling in here, but for brief moment summer temperatures and humidity fought for a come back. Miss M was a trooper and we found a fair bit of shade to try and keep cool throughout the session.

I didn’t realize before the shoot that she was a cheerleader in high school and, you guys, her vertical was a-MAZE-ing. Seriously, I was editing these images and I could. not. believe. how high she was on some of these jumps and leaps–and in heels!

Art portrait sessions flow a little differently from family sessions. With just one person, I focus more on creative posing, several locations and an outfit change thrown into the mix. It is a little more experimental than my standard sessions, both in the shooting and in the editing.

You know I love love love photographing connection. Portrait sessions put that connection on hold for a moment to dive into the expression of the individual at this unique moment in time. You will see more varied edits as these packages are more about artistic shots to help bring out various aspects of the subjects personality.


Baby J turns ONE!

This is a special mom for me to photograph. She invited me in to photograph her and her newborn when I was just starting out. I can’t believe her little girl is already one! Baby J was amazing for this photo session too. The fall light, colors, leaves and flowers provided such a wonderful back drop and tons of opportunities for exploring new things. I love just the inquisitiveness of this age.


Baby J

“Just when you think you know love, something little comes along to remind you just how big it really is”

I had the privilege to meet and photograph Baby J and her wonderful mom. The love between these two was just astonishing to behold. I can’t get enough of all the nuzzled baby kisses.


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The lone Ute horse

We had the pleasure to visit Mesa Verde National Park as a family. If you’ve been there, you know. If you ever get the chance to go – take it! This National Park had been on my list and took awhile to line up our southwest travels with weather so that the park wasn’t covered in snow. We seem to find ourselves with long driving trips, but only in the winter months when a lot of the parks are closed or offering only limited access.

We found ourselves-with four kids in tow-traversing the plateau that was still slowly coming back from a forest fire over ten years ago. Several horses had also broken through their fences from the nearby Ute reservation and were roaming the plateau among the tourists. The amazing sky with scorched trees and these wild horses gave the whole experience an otherworldly element. None of us wanted to leave.